Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Film Review

The film I watched was Pan's Labyrinth. I really didn't want to watch this movie at first but my mom was watching it and it was on the list of movies we could watch so I decided to watch it with her. In the end, I ended up really liking it and I hope another movie like this one comes out. The special effects were amazing.

The director of this film is Guillermo Del Toro. The main actors are Ivana Baquero also known as Ofelia, the young girl who gets into all the mischeif, also the main character, Ariadna Gil, also known as Carmen who plays Ofelia's mom, Captain Vidal, also known as Sergi López who plays Ofelia's soon to be step-dad, and also the villian in the movie, and Pan, also known as Doug Jones who plays the character in search of his city's lost princess. In the beginning of the movie, Ofelia and her mother are on their way to Captian Vidal's house to move in with him. Carmen is pregnant with Ofelia's brother and Captain Vidal's son. When they arrive at their new home, Ofelia is distracted by a fairy that is motioning for her to follow it but her mother has different plans. Soon her mother becomes very sick and it's up to Ofelia to help her. Ofelia has to sneak around everywhere so she's not seen by her soon to be step-father. Ofelia goes down a path and runs into Pan. Pan gives her a book of things she needs to get done in order to save her mother, herself, and the lost city. The pages are blank to anyone else who reads it besides Ofelia. She comes across many obstacles in her journey. One, Pan gives her a healing herb to hopefully heal her mother, which works until Captain Vidal finds it and throws it in the fire. That just starts to make her mother even sicker. Two, Ofelia is on a mission to get something from a one eyed monster, who she accidentally wakes up and the monster eats one of the fairies. A war is also breaking out between Captain Vidal and a servants brother's gang. When the baby is born, Ofelia has to risk her life, along with the lives of everyone in the lost city. Will one young girl be able to do all that? Go and watch Pan's Labyrinth to find out!

Producer: Berta Nevarro
Screen Play: Guillermo Del Toro
Composer: Javier Navarette

I really liked this movie because it was one of the movies I could actually really get into and watch all the way through without wanting to get up for a while. The plot is unbelievable because it's filled with mystic creatures. I really did believe the actors while they were acting. They made the story so much better. If anyone else was in this movie, I don't think it would be the same. There were many visual effects in the movie, like all the characters, the setting around those characters and so much more. This movie is very much worth watching. The sound effects and the music made this movie more intense and more interesting. Movies would never be the same without those effects.

Critique the Critic

A movie that I saw that is now my favorite movie is Grandma's Boy. That movie was funny in so many different ways. The review of the film I found on, really represents that movie well. It's funny even reading the review. If someone who has never seen Grandma's Boy were to read the review of the movie, they would be very happen to know that it's a good movie and it is very much worth seeing. I like how the critic said,

"His friendly dealer Dante (PETER DANTE) can't let Alex crash because he has a business to run and besides, the guard lion will be arriving any day."

That's probably one of the funniest parts in the movie. The whole movie is based off how Alex, also known as Allen Covert is creating a video game that J.P. also known as Joel Moore, is obviously jealous of and goes over to Alex's house and pretends to want to open up to Alex, when the whole time he just wanted to steal Alex's game. Which he has no problem doing. The rest of the movie is Alex either running around doing errands for his grandma and her two roommates, all them partying or Alex trying to convince his boss that the game J.P. stole is really Alex's game.

"But when jealous nerdboy J.P. swipes Alex’s "Demonik" and tries to pass it off as his own, it becomes a battle of Gen-Xers versus gin players when Samantha produces a secret weapon: Alex's grandma (and now master gamer) Lilly."

And that's how the movie ends, with Lilly winning the game and Alex becoming the hero. I really like how this critic put together their review because it represents the movie really good. Not only is it funny, but it makes the reader really want to see the film. I don't think anyone would read this review and not want to see Grandma's Boy. My dad doesn't like movies like this one and he even liked it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Entry 1

My name is Kathryn and I'm taking this class because I like to watch movies, and I need another language arts credit. I'm also in Mass Media but I like this class better. For this semester my goal is to get a good grade in this class along with all my other classes and to graduate.

I don't know what to write about so I'm going to write about my favorite movies. My favorite movie ever is Moulin Rouge. I love that movie and Nicole Kidman is one of my favorite actresses. The songs in that movie are also really good and I sang one of those songs for a singing recital I had awhile back. I also like the movie Bruce Almighty. Jim Carey is also one of my favorite actors. He is the funniest actor ever in my opinion. All of his movies keep me laughing. I love the movie Bring It On, one because I know pretty much all the lines in it and sencond because Kirsten Dunst is another one of my favorite actresses. I'm not really into old movies or black and white movies or movies with subtitles. I saw Pan's Labyrinth, or however you spell it, and I really did like that movie even though it was all in another language. I would reccomend that movie to anyone who doesn't like subtitles because it's good either way.

That's it, I don't know what else to write... I hope this is long enough.